A bible for social entrepreneurs in which experts in the field of social entrepreneurship share their experience, knowledge and wisdom as to how to innovatively solve pressing social issues.  



Creating change on any scale is challenging, but doing so for the good of society is not an easy task. Against daunting odds and large-scale social problems, social entrepreneurs are driven to produce measurable impact, opening up new pathways that unlock society’s full potential to effect positive change.

In CREATING GOOD WORK, social entrepreneurs, using free market principles to solve pressing problems, show how to make a positive difference in the world.

Ron Schultz, founder of Entrepreneurs4Change, collects some of the world’s leading social innovators to create a field guide for successfully setting out on a journey that benefits all of us.

Over 20 contributors show how they have launched their efforts and sustained them, highlighting both the barriers they have had to overcome as well as the social victories they have achieved.

You’ll hear from social innovators like William Foote, founder and CEO of Root Capital, Dorothy Stoneman, founder and CEO of YouthBuild USA, Jim Fruchterman, CEO of Benetech, Craig Dunn, Associate Dean of Business at Western Washington University, Bill Shore, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Share Our Strength, and many more.

Divided into three parts—theory, application, and practice—the first section provides the ideas on which this work is based, an understanding of why and how the work gets done.

The next two sections are firsthand accounts which describe how these social entrepreneurs turned those ideas into an enterprise and what they have done to further continue their work. As you read through the application chapters, it becomes evident how each of these social entrepreneurs has employed their own particular form of what Craig Dunn calls “deliberate disruptive design” to blow up the old models, rules, and behaviors that have simply not solved the social challenges at hand.

Creating Good Work will be an asset to anyone driven to improve life in their communities and looking for inside knowledge and innovative strategies to make a positive impact on the world around them.

"In Creating Good Work, a diverse group of social entrepreneurs offer advice about developing social businesses and share their own experiences. Editor Schultz (founder, Entrepreneurs4Change) has organized this work in two sections, the first covering theoretical foundations "of why and how the work gets done" and the second, practical applications.

As in any edited work, chapter quality ranges from very good to mediocre. Chapter 3 by Schultz is among the best in quality; it presents a four-tier hierarchical model (principles, models, rules, and behaviors) explaining how social entrepreneurship succeeds.

In the practical application section, the three chapters on microfinance provide outstanding insights into the challenges of sustaining microfinance projects. Many chapter contributors are authors of other books--e.g., R. Paul Herman, The HIP Investor (2010), and Bill Shore, The Imaginations of Unreasonable Men (2010)--and the links to contributors' websites provided at the end of the book will be helpful for further exploration.

This is an excellent primer on social entrepreneurship and a very suitable textbook for social entrepreneurship courses. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections."

- J. J. Janney, University of Dayton - Choices Magazine

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