A bible for social entrepreneurs in which experts in the field of social entrepreneurship share their experience, knowledge and wisdom as to how to innovatively solve pressing social issues.

Creating Good Work is launching its TradioV online Television/Radio interview program on May 18th. This hour-long interview program, initially aired live, is designed to benefit social entrepreneurs and business enterprises dedicated to creating good work in our communities.

What is good work? We define good work as those business efforts that are truly of benefit to others, solving social problems, and which are about building local economies rather than extracting from them. 

The seven-segment format for the Creating Good Work program’s hour-long broadcast is as follows:

Segment One – 11 minutes – Introductions and interview

Segment Two – 90 second - Commercial Break

Segment Three – 11 minutes – interview

Segment Four – 90 second – Commercial Break

Segment Five – 11 minutes – A Living Worth Living Taped interviews/Live Skype Interviews

Segment Six – 90 second – Commercial Break

Segment Seven – 9 minutes – Local Shout Outs, Conference and Event Calendars, Wrap-up

Creating Good Work, Live, is supported by sponsors and interviewee ad placements. Each edition is designed to provide it’s interviewee with a 30 minute infomercial about his/her social enterprise/business. Normally, the cost of such a program would be out of the reach of most small social businesses.

Creating Good Work, Live, provides non-profit social enterprises with this 30 minute infomercial with the purchase of two 30-second ads @ $250 per ad, or $500. These ads bookend the interview and can be used by the interviewee as a promotional device for their efforts.  

For-Profit businesses receive the same 30 minute infomercial for 2 ads @ $500.00 per ad or $1000.00. These for-profit businesses can use their ad-buys to promote non-profits they support.

An additional ad can be purchased by both non-profit and for profit entities at the $250 per 30-second rate.

Greg Franks and Ron Schultz 


Building a Healthy Economy requires enterprises dedicated to Creating Good Work.  Each edition of Creating Good Work, Live features businesses doing their community-best to benefit those they serve and wish to serve. 

Produced in association with the Social Action Media Network, this hour-long interview program is co-hosted by Ron Schultz and Greg Franks. Ron and Greg speak with CEOs, social entrepreneurs, social innovators and corporate social responsibility advocates devoted to solving our pressing social issues. 

We hope you’ll join us for these lively discussions that reweave the fabric of our economic health into a tapestry that includes us all.  

Criteria for Interviewee Selection

Business efforts must be:

  • Creating good work
  • Solving social issues
  • Providing established products and services for the community
  • Willing and able to purchase ad-buys.

Since the online audience for this program is initially limited, the ad-buy is not based on audience reach but on content. 

Payment for all ad purchases must be made within seven days of broadcast and all produced ads must be received 3 days prior to broadcast. 

Creating Good Work can produce simple 30-second slide-based ads with text and voice over for $150.00. Materials must be made available seven days prior to the scheduled broadcast. 

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