A bible for social entrepreneurs in which experts in the field of social entrepreneurship share their experience, knowledge and wisdom as to how to innovatively solve pressing social issues.  


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Creating Good Work YouTube Channel - Links to Current Programming:

Dominque Hargraves and Tina Hovsepian
 Jay Levin and Tina Hovesepian
 Charmaine Jefferson
 Brian MacMahon
Robin Shank and Michael Lissack  
Robert Scott and Charles Fulwood  
 Nancy Jordan and Marina Kim
 Kim Small and April Rei
Lewis King, Daniel Tabor, Debra Petersen  
 Mary Sue Milliken and Mandar Apte
 Rick Nahmais and Jenn Simmons
Robert Reichner and Runa Bouius  
 Joathan Newsom and Kara Dansky
 Jill Freeman, Joel Wachbrit, Judith Blahnik, Robin Milner
Gary Kosman and Tobi Herzlich  
  David Jones and Lucien Vattel
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